the BauhausKeller Studio


Introduction-I have over twenty years experience creating key art in theatrical and direct to video feature animation. I worked as a Layout and Visual Design artist for over 25 years at Walt Disney Feature Animation. For ten years I was Co-Owner and Creative Director of a small animation Production and Services company. I have been to Cannes and AFM as a participant in the film market, bringing original content packages to distribution agents. As Creative Director, my most recent experience is bringing together and supervising artistic creative teams for developing production art work, and original content.

-Karen Keller, Owner the BauhausKeller Studio.


Animation Concept Art – Over the last few years, I have developed an excellent reputation in the Hollywood community by helping create top quality design packages for clients. My studio specializes in preproduction visual development and offers services that range from research and development to a fully conceived style guide package ready to send to any studio in the world.

Storyboards – I can provide a variety of styles of storyboards from scripts that are ready for production. I will work within your formats and guidelines.

Illustration – I offer everything from layout and design concepts to fully rendered color illustrations for children’s books.

Art Direction – I can help you to set up an Art Direction pipeline for production, utilizing your artists or ours.  I guide your team through the steps of selecting key shots to developing a film visual plan, including color scripts.


I also offer my individual services, subject to availability, as consultant to clients who need more personal design assistance. Upon request, I can come to you and provide artistic leadership and/or creative input. I am an accomplished and highly experienced artist who will bring professional expertise to any project. Please call to request a consultation proposal if you are interested in this service.